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Dublin Printing Service at Techmate

Techmate offer a fast and reliable printing service for collection only. We can print both A4 and A3, single or double sided, in black & white or colour. All printing is done by Techmate staff with no self-service facility.

Currently we print and photocopy documents and cannot print specialised options such as photos or business cards. Our goal is to add these facilities in the future. Scanning is a service that we can do and either send it by email or save to a USB.

Printing Instructions

If the service that you would like completed is photocopying then just call in to Techmate with your documents and we will complete it as you wait. Scanning can also be done there and then.

If the printing is contained in your email then it will need to be sent to our email to allow us to print it from our in-house computer. The email to send it to is sales@techmate.ie. It may take up to a few minutes to arrive so it would be best to send it in advance. USB is preferable if you can as this is the quickest method but any method would suffice.

Printing Prices

Techmate printing prices mainly consist of 10 cent for a black & white A4 page and 20 cent for a colour A4 page with a minimum charge of €1.50. A3 printing costs 25 cent for black & white and 50 cent for colour also with a minimum charge price of €1.50. 

If our computer is needed to complete the printing process, such as printing from email or USB, then there will be an additional €1 fee. This €1 will be included in the €1.50 minimum charge.

As the main expense of our printing is toner and equipment then printing double sided would count as two pages and be charged for as so.

Our prices decease with larger print jobs. If the price is greater than €5 then the €1 charge for the use of the computer is dropped. If the price is greater than €10 then black & white A4 drop to 10 cent a page and A3 to 20 cent. Colour will also drop depending on how much colour there is.

If there is very little colour then it would usually be classed as black & white anyway. Larger print jobs incur even further reductions.0

Printing Price Examples

1 Black & White A4 page printed from USB

€1 for use of computer + 10c per page = €1.15

Under minimum so total = €1.50

7 Colour A3 pages photocopied

50c per page x 7 = €3.50

Above minimum but lower than €5 so total stays = €3.50

75 Black & White A4 pages printed from email

Over €5 so €1 for use of computer dropped. 75 x 10c = €7.50

Scanning Service

Techmate’s scanning service can scan documents of a few hundred pages at a time. These documents may then be emailed or saved to USB. The format that they are saved in is PDF which can be changed to JPEG if it is images that you wish to be scanned.

The minimum price for scanning is €1.50 also. If you wish to scan multiple documents then the first will cost €1 and any additional document will be an extra 50c. This includes an allowance of up to 20 pages a document. If the documents are larger than 20 pages each then they may incur a small additional fee. Double sided documents can be scanned in both A4 and A3 size.